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Northeast Media Collective (NEMC) is comprised of a diverse and experienced collective of independent Maine-based freelance resources lead by core members Jason Spooner and Neil Arnold. Regular specialist resources (photographers, print designers, videographers, etc.) are added to the core team when warranted by the needs of a given project.



NEMC is not your typical agency. We’re a diverse, close-knit team of Maine-based experts, each a specialist in their craft. Whether you need the keen eye of a photographer, the artistic touch of a print designer, or the storytelling prowess of a videographer, we’ve got you covered. We believe that every project is unique, so we assemble the perfect team tailored to your specific needs.



We will collaborate with your team to review and prioritize your various audiences and to understand their unique tasks and goals on the site.


The graphic design will follow any existing brand guidelines while also looking at best of breed sites from both within and outside the arts and education communities.


The site will be built on a protected development server that you will have access. We will demonstrate features and functions to give your team an early and transparent window to the process, and a chance to offer feedback.


Our launch process factors in several rigorous rounds of site-wide testing on a variety of platforms, browsers, browser versions and both desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Any unplanned behavior is noted and remedied prior to launch.

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